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Vaughan Laser Eye ClinicTired of glasses? Cleaning them, dealing with fit issues and having them fog up when the weather changes can be a hassle. Contacts can also lead to discomfort, dryness, and be a nuisance to put in and take out each day. Luckily, laser eye surgery is available to give you the clear vision you want without the daily annoyance of glasses or contacts. If you have concerns about the procedure and how it will impact your overall health, rest assured that it is very safe.

The best way to determine your candidacy for laser eye surgery is to visit an established laser eye clinic. UELC offers laser eye surgery and has a team of experienced professionals who can answer your questions. We provide a comprehensive range of cosmetic procedures to help you live freely and feel your best. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about laser eye surgery, and read the information below to ease your concerns about this common and effective vision correction procedure.

Laser Eye Surgery: Common Questions and Concerns

  • How Does it Work? – A laser is used to create a flap in the cornea, and then another laser is used to reshape the cornea and correct your vision. Topical anesthesia is used so most patients feel nothing but mild pressure during surgery.
  • Who is a Good Candidate? – Patients must be 18 years old, in good overall health, and not have any eye diseases. The right candidates will have had a stable prescription for the past year.
  • Is it Painful? – Anesthesia will be used to numb the eye. While the procedure sounds very painful, patients only experience mild discomfort that is typically described as pressure on the eye.
  • How Long is Recovery? – Patients can go home the same day as their surgery, though they may feel more comfortable if they arrange to have someone drive them home. Most patients are cleared for driving, and can return to work the next day. Some blurred vision may be experienced during the first few days or weeks following the procedure. Your doctor will work with you to monitor your vision and ensure there is no discomfort or issues. Wear protective sunglasses and take precautions to allow your eyes to fully heal.
  • What Else Should I Know? – Patients will be required to forego wearing contact lenses for a period of time before the procedure. Talk to your doctor about the length of time required.

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Laser Eye Clinic for an AssessmentIf you are ready to be free from cumbersome glasses and dry contact lenses, contact UELC today to learn about your options for laser eye surgery. Our friendly staff can walk you through the procedure and answer any questions you have at your initial consultation. We offer safe and thorough assessments and advice to ensure your results meet your expectations. If you are interested in other cosmetic procedures, we offer a huge variety of surgical and non-surgical options to refresh your look. Ask about combining treatments to ensure you like what you see when you can see yourself clearly!

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